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Getting to “yes”: Redefining “big” stakes in modern television

The best and worst thing about having years of thoughts about television easily searchable online is that anyone can point to two statements that seemingly contradict one another and exclaim, “Aha! Hypocrite! Turn in your critic’s badge at the door and henceforth be gone from Al Gore’s interwebs!” Which is, of course, silly. There’s no […]

“Mad Men”: A few thoughts on the season finale “The Phantom”

“This is what happens when you have the artistic temperament but you are not an artist.” I don’t have a full essay at hand about tonight’s “Mad Men”, nor the season as whole. Mo Ryan and I have been doing weekly podcasts on the show all season, since this is the type of show that […]

“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan”: The Greenwald Effect

Mo Ryan and I are back, this time welcoming Grantland’s Andy Greenwald to the show. We’re both huge fans of his work over on that site, and were thrilled to snag him for this week’s show. The breakdown: New Girl: 0:00 -11:16 Community: 11:16 – 20:51 Mad Men: 20:51 – 36:49 Game of Thrones: 36:49- […]

“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan”: The Revenge of The Poniewozik

Mo Ryan and I are back with a super-sized podcast. Along for the ride? Time Magazine’s television critic James Poniewozik, back again to talk “Mad Men” and “Game of Thrones.” After that hour-long discussion, Mo and I decided to nerd out and talk all things “Avengers”-related, including the future of Joss Whedon on TV. Mad […]

“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan”: Sherlock and Recreation

Mo Ryan and I are back after a week off to discuss an upcoming premiere, one of TV’s best comedies, and double-dip on two of our weekly features. Sherlock 0:00 – 11:40 Parks and Recreation 11:40 – 25:50 Game of Thrones 25:50 -45:31 Mad Men  45:31 – End Music: “Building A Mystery,” Sarah McLachlan As […]

“Mad Men”: “At The Codfish Ball”, at the end of history

I haven’t been writing “Mad Men” reviews this year for a variety of reasons. One is that there are already approximately 500 of them posting a week. Another is that writing about shows on a Sunday for those of us with real 9-5 jobs in addition to our writing responsibilities is really damn hard. But […]

“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan”: Mo and Alyssa Are The Ladies

Mo Ryan and I are back, with a nearly 90-minute installment. Along for the ride? Alyssa Rosenberg, one of our favorite guests and all-around awesome person. We talk about three shows in great depth this week. Game of Thrones: 0:00 – 29:46 Mad Men: 29:46 – 48:21 Girls: 48:21 – End Music: “Punk Rock Girl,” […]

“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan”: A double dose of audio awesome

Mo Ryan and I are back, with two full podcasts. Yes, again. Yes, we’re a little crazy. The first covers this week’s “Mad Men” and “Game of Thrones.” With us to break things down? The one and only Tom Fitzgerald, co-author of the amazing Tom& If you’re not reading them already…just don’t tell us. No […]

“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan”: Game of Thrones and Mad Men

Mo Ryan and I are back, with two full podcasts. Yes, we were off last week, so we’re making up for lost time. The first covers the premiere of “Game of Thrones.” With us to discuss “The North Remembers” is Phil Bicking of the great “Thrones”-centric site Winter is Coming. The second covers the first […]

“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan”: Walking Bent and Mad

Mo Ryan and I are back, looking at a finale and two premieres. Also, learn how we almost never recorded another podcast again. It’s a harrowing story, people. Time stamps: The Walking Dead: 0:00 – 20:32 Bent: 20:32 – 32:17 Mad Men: 32:17 – End Music: “Mad About You,” Sting As per usual, you can […]