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The Top 10 Television Shows of 2010: Part 3

We’re finally here, boys and girls: the moment at least seven of you have been waiting for. It’s my Top 5 shows of 2010! Earlier in the week I outlined my Incompletes/Near Misses, then dropped Number 10 through 6 on you soon after. But today? It’s The Final Countdown. But we’re not leaving for Venus, […]

‘Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan’ talks ‘Mad Men’ Season Finale with Todd VanDerWerff

Mo Ryan and I welcomed our old podcast friend and all-around amazing TV writer Todd VanDerWerff to talk the season finale of “Mad Men.” The three of us talked about “Tomorrowland” for nearly an hour. Think you’ve had your “Mad Men” fill already this week? Not a chance. Check out our thoughts to get the final word on […]

‘Mad Men’ Recap: ‘Tomorrowland’

So here’s the challenging thing about trying to come to grips with what went down on tonight’s season finale of “Mad Men”: everything was in the moment, and, as such, can only be judged on that moment. “Tomorrowland” might have been the part of Disneyland that Bobby Draper most wanted to visit, but it’s also […]

Carter Bays talks ‘How I Met Your Mother’ in the latest ‘Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan’ podcast

 Maureen “Mo” Ryan and I had the pleasure of talking to the co-creator of CBS’s comedy “How I Met Your Mother,” Carter Bays, in the latest installment of the podcast. He talked about why the show has improved over last season, the new upcoming female figure in Ted’s life, and who made it off The […]

‘Mad Men’ Recap: ‘Blowing Smoke’

Addiction is a crippling thing. It can be as benign as, say, writing a recap of a TV show on a Sunday night even though you’ve got to get up early for your mortgage-paying job the following morning. Or it can be as lethal as a heroin addiction, which robs you of your perspective, dignity, […]

‘Mad Men’: ‘Chinese Wall’ being built slightly later this week

Due to a crazy weekend in which I spent 20 hours up and down the East Coast, I won’t have a “Mad Men” recap up tonight. Apologies in advance for that. Paid assignments take priority, but rest assured I’ll be giving all my thoughts in this week’s edition of “Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan.” […]

‘Mad Men’ Recap: ‘Hands and Knees’

Makes sense that tonight’s “Mad Men” ended with The Beatles’ “Do You Want to Know a Secret?” After all, tonight’s episode “Hands and Knees” was all about the state between knowledge and secrets, between public and private. Throughout the season, episodes have ended on doors closing or opening, and now we know why: there’s absolutely […]

‘Mad Men’ Recap: ‘The Beautiful Girls’

How do you want to be remembered after you die? Hell, will you be remembered after you die? If life always ends the same way, in death, then what impact do you want to leave behind in your wake? When confronted with your mortality, do you embrace life or simply fear death? These and other […]

‘Mad Men’ Recap: ‘The Summer Man’

Since I did a live blog of the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards already tonight, I don’t have the time not energy to write up a full review of tonight’s episode of “Mad Men,” entitled “The Summer Man.” But having watched it in the aftermath of the awards show debacle, I had to write down […]

‘Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan’ drop two more podcasts for your listening pleasure

Maureen “Mo” Ryan and I are back, this time with another guest for our weekly “Mad Men” podcast. We had the pleasure of having Tom Fitzgerald, one-half of the dynamic blogging duo over at Tom joined us a few months ago over at “Orientation: Ryan Station,” and we were thrilled to have him back […]