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State of the Show: Heroes, Smallville, and Chuck, Oh My!

¬†Well, fellow television geeks, we’re heading into that glorious time of the television schedule: Fall sweeps! Sure, given the fragmented nature of television viewing, this period means a little less that it used to, but nonetheless shows strive to pull out all the stops in order to maximize their most important asset: creativity. And by […]

The BTD has OCD and Perhaps CTS

Five entries in one night? Looks likely. I’m only human, y’all. Flesh and blood. A man.
A brief summary:

I reviewed the Walt-centric Lost episode, “Special.”
I posited the five most ill-fated explorations in sci-fi film history.
I took a side on the best cinematic Batman. (Link will be live soon.)
I gave some decent karaoke advice.
And now this, telling […]

What I’ve Been Doing

Since you asked…

Praying that Sam Cassell not play in Game 6. (Achieved!)
Contemplating the playlists of a certain superhero. (Programmed!)
Starting the “We Have to Go Back” project, in which I review every episode of Lost from the beginning through the end of Season 4.¬† (Established!)

So if you’re wondering why I haven’t written too much here, yea, […]