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“Modern Family” Review: “Phil on Wire”

Modern Family isn’t a show that I cover on a weekly basis, but I did step in to guest-review tonight’s episode for The A.V. Club. It was a good chance to air some thoughts about the show in general in addition to tonight’s episode specifically. What did I think? Check it out!

“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan” catches up with “The Good Wife,” “How I Met Your Mother,” and more

Mo Ryan and I caught up this week. Way up. Inspired by our “State of TV Criticism” podcast a few weeks back, we decided to look at some shows we don’t cover on a weekly basis. On tap this week: “Raising Hope,” “30 Rock,” “The Good Wife,” “How I Met Your Mother,” and “Modern Family.” […]

Checking in on…”Modern Family”

(The second in a series in which I occasionally check in on series that I watch but don’t regularly write about…) As with I did last week with “Community”, I’m using each Sunday to try and catch up on at least one show that I don’t cover on a weekly basis. The reasons for not […]

The Top 10 Television Shows of 2010: Part 2

Yesterday, I started listing my Top 10 of 2010. Only, the thing is, I never actually got to the Top 10 itself. That’s the blogging equivalent of “Lost” calling its penultimate episode “What They Died For” without actually explaining what they died for in that hour. But hey, I love me some “Lost,” and if […]