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Revisiting a (literal) chapter in my life

Last summer, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be writing again online in any capacity. It’s not out lack of desire but perceived lack of opportunity. Luckily, that didn’t come to fruition, and I’m writing at a more feverish pace than I did before I reached that weird crossroads during those insanely hot […]

2010 MTV Video Music Awards: Live Blog

Hey boys and girls, In years past, I’ve done a live blog for the MTV Video Music Awards. (Here’s my 2008 edition. I think I skipped 2009 because I was covering “Mad Men” over at HitFix, or was suffering from a horrible case of the “I don’t give a craps.” It’s unclear. My mind is […]

2008 MTV Video Music Awards: Liveblogging

Starting at 8 pm EST tonight…check in early and often! 7:45 pm: Welcome all to my annual live blogging of the Video Music Awards. And, as per usual, here’s my up front disclaimer: I don’t pretend to have invented the concept of these live blogs, as I first got the idea from Bill Simmons, aka […]

2008 Video Music Awards: Live Blogging

Stay tuned this Sunday, as I’ll be doing my annual live-blogging of the MTV Video Music Awards. Vegas has the over/under at 5 for “number of acts and/or songs I’ve actually heard of before the ceremony airs”. Should be fun. If you want to see how it went down last year, be my guest.