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‘Nikita’ Review: ‘Covenants’

Plenty of shows boast a deep mythology. But they often hoarde that mythology, doling it out in crumbs for a ravenous audience desperate for anything akin to a healthy bite of new info. ‘Nikita’ doesn’t have that problem. Tonight’s episode, ‘Covenants,’ is one that The CW wants you to believe changes everything. That’s not really […]

‘Nikita’ and ‘Archer’ Reviews: ‘The Next Seduction’ and ‘Blood Work’

As always, I reviewed tonight’s episode of “Nikita”, entitled “The Next Seduction”, for TV Squad. But I also covered tonight’s great episode of “Archer” as well over there, filling in for the usual duties done by my podcast partner Mo Ryan. “Archer” is usually hilarious, and tonight’s episode “Blood Test” was no exception. They will […]

Review-a Palooza: “Fringe” and “Nikita”

Heading to bed, having filed my reviews for tonight’s excellent, mind-bendy “Fringe” and tonight’s better-than-average “Nikita.” (All after seeing Tina Fey back that THANG up on “30 Rock”. It was a good night of TV, people.) Friday morning update: “Fringe” is here, and “Nikita” is here. Enjoy!

Last Night’s Reviews

If you are looking for my takes on last night’s TV, look no further! Check out my review for last night’s “Fringe,” titled “The Plateau,” here. Check out my review for last night’s “Nikita,” titled “The Guardian,” here. Enjoy!

‘Nikita’ Recap: ‘2.0’

Honestly, if they called the show “Alex,” rather than “Nikita,” it might more accurately reflect the most intriguing character on the show so far. Nothing Maggie Q does at present moment takes anything off the table, but she’s not putting a lot down on it, either. But Lyndsy Fonseca? She’s bringing a multi-course meal at […]

‘Nikita’ Recap: ‘Pilot’

Each week, I’ll be recapping ‘Nikita‘ for the good people over at AOL’s TV Squad. I’m happy to report my first recap has gone live, so make sure to check it out! Leave comments over there if you can, so AOL thinks I’m wicked cool and have lots of friends. Don’t wanna be the new […]

‘Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan’ drop two more podcasts for your listening pleasure

Maureen “Mo” Ryan and I are back, this time with another guest for our weekly “Mad Men” podcast. We had the pleasure of having Tom Fitzgerald, one-half of the dynamic blogging duo over at Tom joined us a few months ago over at “Orientation: Ryan Station,” and we were thrilled to have him back […]

My Writing Schedule for Fall 2010

For months, the masses have cried out, “Tell us, Ryan: where will you be writing this Fall?” And by “masses” I mean “my mom,” who doesn’t even really know about this blog. So announcing it here might be kinda pointless. On the other hand, it gets me out of a phone call. So you take […]