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Talking TV With Ryan And Ryan: Some early Fall comedy pilots reviewed

“Saturday Night Live” Recap: Read AND hear how Christina Applegate did

As always, I wrote about this week’s “SNL” as well as recorded a podcast about it. Read my recap here. Listen to this week’s podcast wtih HuffPo’s Mike Ryan here. Enjoy!

All Audio, All The Time

I’ve been hellaciously busy recording podcasts over the past four days, and so I thought I’d provide a one stop link for all of them right here. “Weekend Update Special”: Mike Ryan and I break down last week’s special “SNL” episode. “Weeds” Series Finale: Myles McNutt and I discuss the series finale as well as […]

“Saturday Night Live” Recap: Read AND hear how Seth MacFarlane did

As per usual, I recapped last night’s “Saturday Night Live” premiere for HitFix. You can read my take over on their “Monkeys as Critics” blog. But I have also decided simply writing about it isn’t enough, so HuffPo’s Mike Ryan and I teamed up to do a weekly podcast about that week’s episode. You can […]

“Not Just TV, McGee” is back, bearing teeth

After a slow start, I promise things will start picking up on the new podcast. In today’s edition, I look at the promises and perils of cloud-based content in light of my recent experiences while abroad. Why does “The Vampire Diaries” have me fearful for the future? Listen and find out for yourself.

“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan”: Lost’s “LaFleur”

It’s me. It’s Mo. It’s “Lost.” Need any more reason to check out the latest podcast? Didn’t think so.

“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan”: Arrested Development’s “Good Grief”

All you need to know is in the title. So head over to our podcast home and listen to Mo and I talk about one of the best episodes of one of the best comedies (heck, best shows) ever.

“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan”: Double the fun

Mo and I have two podcasts for you this week. In the first, we talk “Go On,” “Animal Practice,” “Copper,” “Hell On Wheels,” and “Boss”. In the second, Mo spends an hour in the writers’ room of “Breaking Bad” talking shop with creator Vince Gilligan. Monkeys! Meth! How can you go wrong? Check out all […]

Introducing “Not Just TV, McGee”

I’ve been writing about TV for over a half-decade. I’ve been podcasting with my esteemed colleague Mo Ryan for over two and a half years. Tonight, I announce my latest endeavor: “Not Just TV, McGee”, a new podcast hosted by yours truly that will serve to both augment my existing writing/podcasting as well as extend […]

“Watching TV With Ryan And Ryan”: Frak yeah

Mo and I talk about our favorite episodes of TV in our newest podcast series. But wouldn’t it be even better if those responsible for the episodes we loved came on to share their own thoughts? We couldn’t agree more. And that’s just what we did. Find out who by going to our new podcast […]