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Lost Season 4 DVD: Preview

Read all about it. Full review coming Tuesday. Trust me: it’s worth the wait. Both the review and the DVD set.

Venture Brothers: Season 3 Preview

My love for this show knows few bounds, and those are only in place due to a few restraining orders. (Long story.) In any case, there’s a gloriously wrong preview for Season 3 up on the interwebs. Check out all its majesty here.

“Lost” Episode 4.6: Preview

Tonight’s episode is Juliet-centric, entitled “The Other Woman,” and features a brand new Dharma station called the Tempest. All this leads me to believe that the other woman in question is none other than Prospero’s daughter, Miranda. There, no need to watch the episode anymore. What? I might be slightly off? And should watch the […]

You’ll Be Tiding

The plan of attack between now and the New Year: 1) The Lost blog will be going strong. The next mobisode features Walt in Room 23. Color me excited. Like, nipplingly excited. 2) The “Top Ten Buffy Episodes Ever” Retrospective. That could run anywhere between one and ten separate entries. Now that I’ve typed it […]

Now and Later

The Now: My recap of the latest Lost mobisode, “The Deal.” Juliet! Michael! No WAAAAAAALT, though. Kinda tragic. The Later: My recap of the more-than-likely season finale of Heroes. Can’t believe my luck in launching a TV-centric website just weeks before the WGA went on strike. Just stunning. Stay tuned for my next web endeavors, […]

“Heroes” Preview: Episode 2.1

Tonight starts the second season of my second favorite TV show, “Heroes”. My favorite? Clearly, a tie between “The Hills” and “According to Jim”, but you already knew that. Here’s a promo for tonight’s ep. Like I’ve done in the past with “Lost”, and with my work over at Zap2It, I’ll be recapping each episode […]