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“Reaper” Recap: Episode 2.8

Sam and Morgan “compete” for The Devil’s affections, Ben’s grandmother sense Nina’s inner evil, and Sock makes me want to punch myself in the face. Read my full recap here!

“Reaper” Recap: Episodes 2.5 and 2.6

Never posted last week’s recap here. My bad. In any case, you can check out my full recaps for both episodes here. To be brief: loving the temptation of Sam, hating the execution of Mr. Oliver’s return, and generally saddened that this show is off to meet its maker by Memorial Day. Sigh.

“Reaper” Recap: Episode 2.4

A placeholder, but a fun one. Next week things get good, thanks to this week’s cliffhanger. Read my full recap here.

“Reaper” Recap: Episode 2.3

Spoiler alert: no unnecessarily scantily clad stepsister this week! Breathe a sigh of relief, “Reaper” fans. Instead, this week’s episode “The Sweet Science” spent equal time on Sam’s complicated relationship with an ex-boxer and Ben’s even more complicated relationship with his demon girlfriend. Interspersed with these two stories, Andi learned that climbing the corporate ladder […]

“Reaper” Recap: Episode 2.2

“Adapt, or die.” Words spoken by Satan to Sam, but could very well apply to Reaper itself. Will it continue to push out entertaining (albeit) repetitive iterations of its “Soul of the Week” standard, or will it push into something more? Tonight’s episode demonstrated that the show might be aware of its own mortality, and […]

“Reaper” Recap: Episode 2.1

It’s been ages since we last saw Sam as the Devil’s bounty hunter. You’ll be forgiven if you spent the majority of tonight’s hour shaking the Reaper cobwebs inside your brain. But don’t worry: last year’s big mythological twist was largely ignored in favor of reestablishing the show’s general (and genial) weekly rhythms. But after […]

Writing Up a Storm

But not here. Apologies for that. But there’s plenty more to digest all the same. Lost: Make Your Own Kind of Music Ten Lost Topics To Consider Before the Season Finale Who created the cover story for the Oceanic 6? My Essential Sci-Fi Films Reaper Season Finale Recap Coming tomorrow…I break down the anticipation for […]

Reaper Recaps: Droppin’ ‘Em As If They Were More Than Lukewarm

Somewhere along the lines I just stopped posting my recaps of the show here on the sight, even though I’ve been writing them up for the past few weeks. Consider this link a makeup for that oversight. The first 25 of you to click over get free beer. Promise. Sorta.

“Reaper” Wee-View: Episode 1.11

The addition of Bezel-Babe, to quote the eminently quotable Sock, provides a great new dimension to Reaper. They’d taken the “Sam pines for Andi” thing about as far as humanly possible without making either utterly pathetic creatures. Keeping the two of them apart for as long as possible will only help in the long run. […]

Making a List, Checking it Twice

It’s December, which means two things. One, a lot of your favorite shows are heading into rerun land. (Course, unlike past years, they might actually stay that way for quite some time.) And secondly, “Best Of” lists will start proliferating magazines, newspapers, and yes, websites. So I thought I’d get ahead of the game and […]