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“Reaper” Wee-View: Episodes 1.7-1.10

So it’s been a while since I’ve written anything about Reaper…but that’s nothing to do with loss of love over the show. Far from it. If anything, my enjoyment of the show has only grown. It’s just one of those shows for which maybe 2,000 words should be dedicated to entire season, not each individual […]

“Reaper” Wee-View: Episodes 1.5 and 1.6

It’s too bad I missed last week’s episode due to a cold, because that was the week in which Reaper took the leap from “merely good” to “potentially amazing.” But now I’m back to make amends and put things right again. I’ve enjoyed the show, don’t get me wrong, but with the introduction of Sam’s […]

‘Tis a “Pity”

Looks like yours truly has caught something truly nasty. I feel like I’ve been attacked by the slime demon on tonight’s Reaper. So I’m gonna postpone my Wee-View until tomorrow night: hope you can all forgive me. I would like to take this time, however, to welcome everyone who’s come from the Television Without Pity […]

“Reaper” Wee-View: Episode 1.4

Man, I’m pretty sure the writers of Reaper hate Criss Angel. That was my running thought during this episode, with the Mindfreak-esque demon of the week at the forefront of Sam’s bounty hunter duties. Don’t tell me you didn’t keep shouting “MINDFREAK” in your inner monologue every time that dope showed up on screen. Still, […]

“Reaper” Wee-View: Episode 1.3

Wow, an entire hour of TV dedicated to building towards an homage to the ghost trap from “Ghostbuster”? Coolness achieved. Seriously, did anyone else get that vibe in the climatic scene of this episode? I kept waiting for Sock to shout, “The flowers are still standing!” at some point. Would have been totally in character, […]

“Reaper” Recap: Episode 1.2

If you’re like me, dear readers, you’ve noticed a shift in the tone in prime-time television this year. It’s not that über-serious drama has left the airwaves entirely, but a new breed of breezy, fun-minded shows have dominated the freshman class of shows. Reaper just might be the most pure fun of them all: it […]

“Reaper” Wee-View: Episode 1.1

As many critics have noted, it’s the Year of the Geek in terms of new television heroes, those with brain of “Macgyver” but the brawn of, um, a mop handle. “Reaper”’s protagonist could easily be compared with the titular character of “Chuck”: two nerdy lost souls more interested in playing “Halo 3” on their XBOX360 […]