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“The Voice” Recap: “Blind Auditions, Day Three”

I was lax in linking to my Day Two recap. So I’ll be better and link to Day Three on the night I actually wrote it.

“The Voice” Recap: “Blind Auditions, Day One”

I’ll be recapping “The Voice” all season long over at HitFix. Check out my recap of tonight’s premiere!

“Big Brother 13” Finale Recap

Lucky me: my Wednesday “Big Brother” recap duties meant I got to cover the 90-minute season finale for HitFix. This was my first season watching the show, and while I started to learn the ins and outs of the game, the downside is now I have that information in my head. So much for having […]

“Falling Skies” Review: “Sanctuary, Part 2”

After last week’s steller ep, I was primed for a great hour of TV tonight. Oh well. Read about my disappointment here.

“Big Brother” Recap-a-Palooza

I’ve started covering “Big Brother” for HitFix this summer. It’s my first time through the reality show, and it’s been eye-opening and eye-rolling all at once. Want to follow my thoughts this summer? Check out HitFix’s Monkeys as Critics blog for all the latest and greatest!

Friday Night Reviews: “Fringe” and “Spartacus: Gods of the Arena”

The final double dose for…well, I hope a while. I barely have a life as it is. But with “Spartacus” already over, it’s down to one show now. Below, click on my reviews for two excellent, if slightly imperfect, episodes. “Fringe”:  “Subject 13” “Spartacus: Gods of the Arena”: “The Bitter End” Enjoy!

‘Glee’ Review: ‘A Very Glee Christmas’

Thought this would be a huge lump of coal. Instead? It was…well, a mixed bag, but definitely with some ideas that I pray will be implemented/continued in the future. Which means the next ep will be an all-Cher extravaganza, probably. Read my full take over at HitFix!

‘Glee’ Review: ‘Special Education’

As is the case each and every week, I reviewed “Glee” for the good folks over at HitFix. The verdict? Full of harmonious sound and teenage fury, signifying little. Read my full take here!

Review Overload: ‘Chuck’ and ‘The Event’

As always, I reviewed “Chuck” and “The Event” for AOL’s TV Squad last night, with the Timothy Dalton action pleasing on the former and the usual suspects frustrating in the latter. Make sure to read my full takes here!

‘Glee’ Review: ‘Furt’

As is the case each and every week, I reviewed “Glee” for the good folks over at HitFix. The verdict? Everything good and bad about the show was in “Furt,” although for once the good far outweighed the bad. Read my full take here!