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Review-a-palooza: ‘Chuck’ and ‘The Event’

As always, I reviewed “Chuck” and “The Event” for AOL’s TV Squad last night. REALLY strong “Chuck,” and a REALLY “meh” “The Event.” Make sure to read my full takes here!

Review-a Palooza: “Fringe” and “Nikita”

Heading to bed, having filed my reviews for tonight’s excellent, mind-bendy “Fringe” and tonight’s better-than-average “Nikita.” (All after seeing Tina Fey back that THANG up on “30 Rock”. It was a good night of TV, people.) Friday morning update: “Fringe” is here, and “Nikita” is here. Enjoy!

“Glee” Recap: “Never Been Kissed”

As per usual, I reviewed this week’s “Glee” for HitFix. What did I think of the ep? Read my full recap to find out!

“Chuck” and “The Event” Recaps

Sorry to be AWOL here lately in updating my reviews in other places. Life has a funny way of getting in the way, especially when juggling two jobs and a host of other personal matters. Nevertheless, here are my reviews of last night’s “Chuck” and “The Event.” Stay tuned tonight for my review of the “Rock Horror”-themed “Glee!” […]

‘Mad Men’ Recap: ‘Tomorrowland’

So here’s the challenging thing about trying to come to grips with what went down on tonight’s season finale of “Mad Men”: everything was in the moment, and, as such, can only be judged on that moment. “Tomorrowland” might have been the part of Disneyland that Bobby Draper most wanted to visit, but it’s also […]

‘Fringe’ Recap: ”Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?’

As per usual, I wrote about “Fringe” for HitFix. It didn’t blow my mind the way the last three episodes did, but there were some positives all the same. Check out my full recap here!

“Glee” Recap: “Duets”

As per usual, I recapped this week’s “Glee” for HitFix. What did I think of the ep? I liked it. A lot. I know. I’m as shocked as you. Read the full recap over at HitFix!

Last Night’s Recaps

As always, you can find reviews of last night’s episodes of “Chuck,” “The Event,” and “Hawaii Five-0” over at AOL’s TV Squad. To find them all, check out my personal page over there. Which episodes struck your fancy? Leave your thoughts below!

‘Mad Men’ Recap: ‘Blowing Smoke’

Addiction is a crippling thing. It can be as benign as, say, writing a recap of a TV show on a Sunday night even though you’ve got to get up early for your mortgage-paying job the following morning. Or it can be as lethal as a heroin addiction, which robs you of your perspective, dignity, […]

The Week Thus Far

Sorry I’ve been slack in updates here. Real world stuff interfered (needless to say, it rhymes with “morporate braining”) so doing anything more than paid assignments has been impossible. Hopefully, you managed to find them anyways, but if not, here are the four recaps I did over the past 48 hours. Chuck, Episode 4.2 The […]