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Review: In its second season “Review” turns into an all-time classic series

You might not think the show “Review” would be one of the small screen’s best examinations of the nature of evil. You would be wrong. I’ve written fair extensively about the show over the past two years, as it’s gone from an interesting pilot to a fascinating series of continuity-laced sketches to one of the more […]

Review: Season 2 of “Review” solidifies the show’s place in the current pantheon of great TV

Let’s get this clear up front: “Review” was one of my very favorite shows of 2014, and I was OK with never seeing another episode of it again.

All Art Was Not Made For You

It’s 2015, yet we still need to disabuse some of the notion that not all art is made for them. I’m writing in this in the wake of James Poniewozik’s excellent piece today about the “Not For Me” moment in television viewing. He says a lot of things I wish I had said first, but […]

“Jane The Virgin” Review: “Chapter Four”

Four weeks into its run, “Jane The Virgin” has lost none of the intelligence and charm that marked its pilot episode. There’s almost no way it should still be as good, if not better, than what was already the best pilot this season had to offer. (That’s sort of damning it with faint praise, given […]

Review: The Americans, “Echo”

(Note: my podcast about tonight’s final with Mo Ryan can be found here.) Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus” didn’t come out until 1989, the last year in the decade depicted in FX’s “The Americans.” But as the show’s second stellar season drew to a close, you could see all the major players reaching out and trying […]

Getting to “yes”: Redefining “big” stakes in modern television

The best and worst thing about having years of thoughts about television easily searchable online is that anyone can point to two statements that seemingly contradict one another and exclaim, “Aha! Hypocrite! Turn in your critic’s badge at the door and henceforth be gone from Al Gore’s interwebs!” Which is, of course, silly. There’s no […]