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5 Questions And 500 Words: “Galavant”

Welcome to another installment of “5 Questions and 500 Words,” my approach to reviewing the crazy amount of shows that will be unspooling/returning over the course of the next few weeks. Given the glut of shows, and the glut of reviews that will be published for these shows, I’m keeping things short and sweet. This […]

“Sleepy Hollow” Review: “Heartless” and season two as a whole

Last year, I put “Sleepy Hollow” on my year-end Best Of 2013 list.  And I stand by it. (Mostly because such arbitrary lists are snapshots in time and therefore immune to retroactive analysis, but still!) It was a bonkers show in the best way, owning up to its own silliness but also giving us two […]

“Wilfred” Review: “Happiness” and the series as a whole

“Wilfred” ended its series run tonight, and television will be a little more boring in its absence.
It was never a perfect show, often stuck trying to figure out its overall tone, marrying short-term plots to longer-arcing narratives, and generally spinning its wheels at times as the show entered later seasons. As a viewer, I came […]

“24: Live Another Day”: Finale and season review

Playing the “What If?” game is dangerous, since you can basically make any point you want within the world of hypotheticals, and if you’re skilled enough. So asking “What if ‘24’ had its run during today’s TV landscape?” is both a fascinating question and a completely ridiculous one at the same time. Alan Sepinwall put […]

“Enlisted” Review: “Alive Day”

I have this theory about “Enlisted” and why no one watched it through its brief run on FOX. It has nothing to do with the terrible time slot and the out-of-order airings. It has everything to do with the show more than occasionally presenting things most people don’t want to admit exists. It’s not just […]

“24: Live Another Day” Review: “Day 9: 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.”

One of the more interesting Twitter trends lately is the tendency for those who have the privilege of seeing episodes early to warn people to watch certain episodes live as they originally air. It’s a double-edged sword: It helps ensure that people in this DVR culture watch particular episodes in as real-time as possible to […]

“Enlisted” Review: “Army Men”

Let’s review “Army Men” by looking at two faces.

Review: Scandal, “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”

All hail Shonda Rhimes.
“Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” is not just the best season three episode of “Scandal,” but a necessary reaffirmation of what makes the show so great when everything’s working at peak efficiency. If that weren’t enough, it also managed to solve the show’s central problem, pointing towards a potentially even better future for […]

Review: Enlisted, “Brothers And Sister”

If “Pete’s Airstream” serves as what “Enlisted” can do when actually digging into the core trauma of life in military service, then “Brothers And Sister” serves as an example of how this show can function on a week-to-week level as a celebration of difference between people of fundamentally different temperaments. That’s an insanely pretentious way […]

Review: Enlisted, “Pete’s Airstream”

It’s always fun to watch shows make “the leap,” even thought what constitutes that leap can be difficult to pinpoint. Usually a show makes “the leap” somewhere in the second season, after a full year of the program as a whole finding its feet and recognizing its strengths while still having oodles of story to […]