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Review: Scandal, “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”

All hail Shonda Rhimes.
“Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” is not just the best season three episode of “Scandal,” but a necessary reaffirmation of what makes the show so great when everything’s working at peak efficiency. If that weren’t enough, it also managed to solve the show’s central problem, pointing towards a potentially even better future for […]

Review: Enlisted, “Brothers And Sister”

If “Pete’s Airstream” serves as what “Enlisted” can do when actually digging into the core trauma of life in military service, then “Brothers And Sister” serves as an example of how this show can function on a week-to-week level as a celebration of difference between people of fundamentally different temperaments. That’s an insanely pretentious way […]

Review: Enlisted, “Pete’s Airstream”

It’s always fun to watch shows make “the leap,” even thought what constitutes that leap can be difficult to pinpoint. Usually a show makes “the leap” somewhere in the second season, after a full year of the program as a whole finding its feet and recognizing its strengths while still having oodles of story to […]

Review: Why “Enlisted” is the best comedy of this television season

There’s a lot of ways to approach reviewing television shows, but the best ways are always the ones that come most easily to mind. In reality, criticism is about articulating a personal response while employing some modicum of detached perspective. The ratio between the two inevitably varies between show to show and critic to critic, […]

Review: “The Day Of The Doctor”

Look, that was never going to please everyone. Not even by a long shot.
“The Day Of The Doctor,” a special event movie airing on the 50th anniversary of “Doctor Who,” was designed as a celebration of the past as well as a way to point to the future. As someone not exactly pleased with the […]

Ryan Rates Fall TV, Part 1: Sunday - Tuesday

It’s been a busy Fall, and I’ve all but stopped doing weekly episodic reviews for reasons laid out here. But with a lot of shows starting to wrap up their Fall runs, I thought I’d offer up some short takes on the shows I watch on a weekly basis. I almost thought about breaking down […]

Review: The Esquire Network’s “The Getaway” is one of the Fall’s most surprising pleasures

You know it’s a busy Fall on television when it’s easy to not simply overlook the launch of a new show, but the launch of an entire network. And yet, I’m sure there are many who are unaware that the Esquire Network even exists two months after its launch. Such is the depth and breadth […]

On “Sleepy Hollow”, episodic analysis, and the benefits of being fun

“Sleepy Hollow” is just damn fun. Damn, damn fun.
That’s a semi-horrible piece of criticism, but criticism isn’t what I’m attempting here. Rather, it’s a celebration of a show that has no business being as good as it is, even if I’m still not quite sure if it’s actually good at this point. The past fifteen […]

Review: Agents of SHIELD, “0-8-4″

Well, that was pretty painful.
Look, no one expected “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” to arrive fully formed. There are two many balls in the air, too many masters to serve, and not enough resources in the world to cull together 22 compelling episodes of this show. But “0-8-4” was a step back in every measurable metric […]

Review: Breaking Bad, “Felina”

“I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And I was really…I was alive.”
It’s really difficult to sort out feelings for a series finale, especially in the moments after it ends, and ESPECIALLY when it’s a show like “Breaking Bad”. Plenty of ink (virtual and real) has been spent in […]