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Review: You’re The Worst, “LCD Soundsystem”

Well, someone’s certainly watched “Juno.” That was my immediate thought during the big “twist” of tonight’s episode of “You’re The Worst,” although I put twist in quotes as I’m fairly certain Stephen Falk’s script and direction wanted us to see what Gretchen could not, turning this episode into another ii-tragedy for what is now unquestionably […]

Review: Arrow, “Haunted”

Both “Arrow” and “The Flash” are currently carrying the burden of having to function as their own respective entities and set up “Legends Of Tomorrow,” which is an unfair place for both shows. “The Flash” is inherently more nimble at this point, and can throw in the occasional TWELVE-FOOT SHARK BEAST THING to bring the […]

Review: Netflix’s “Master Of None” is one of the year’s best shows

It’s almost impossible to think of your own life outside the context of its relationship to the pop culture you consume. The reasons that songs, movies, television, and art work because the best seems to illuminate something that you’ve always suspected but could never articulate. Sometimes those moments are revelatory, and sometimes they are devastating. […]

Review: “You’re The Worst”, Season 2, Episode 8: “Spooky Sunday Funday”

On some level, tonight’s episode of “You’re The Worst” played out exactly as you thought it might once you saw the title “Spooky Sunday Funday.” This was a way for the show to revisit one of its season one highlights but put it through the prism of both Halloween and, far more importantly, last week’s […]

Review: In its second season “Review” turns into an all-time classic series

You might not think the show “Review” would be one of the small screen’s best examinations of the nature of evil. You would be wrong. I’ve written fair extensively about the show over the past two years, as it’s gone from an interesting pilot to a fascinating series of continuity-laced sketches to one of the more […]

Review: “You’re The Worst” season two

In its second season, “You’re The Worst” continues to be the actual best. Part of the “fun,” as it were, of TV criticism is that your past reviews can either prove you a prophet or an idiot. I initially wiffed on this one, finding little in the first two episodes provided before its original premiere […]

Review: “UnREAL” is the most surprising show of the summer

So first of all, a big middle finger to Lifetime for producing such an entertaining show as “UnREAL”. In an age of Too Much Good TV, there were still several networks I could count on for not making it even harder than it already was to watch all the shows I wanted to consume. Lifetime […]

Review: Season 2 of “Review” solidifies the show’s place in the current pantheon of great TV

Let’s get this clear up front: “Review” was one of my very favorite shows of 2014, and I was OK with never seeing another episode of it again.

Review: Five thoughts about “Ant-Man”

I’m not a movie critic by any stretch of the imagination, but I wanted to jot down a few thoughts about Marvel’s latest movie, “Ant-Man.” Five thoughts, to be precise. 1) First off, it’s a welcome de-escalation of stakes. That doesn’t mean what happens isn’t important, but there’s a localization of the action that is […]

Review: Season 6 of “Community”

I don’t have a “complicated” history with “Community” so much as an erratic one. “Complicated” would imply that I’ve wrestled with the show and its overall meaning and how it fits into my overall world experience. That was never this show for me, although it certainly was for its rabid fan base, including fellow critics. […]