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Review: “You’re The Worst” season two

In its second season, “You’re The Worst” continues to be the actual best. Part of the “fun,” as it were, of TV criticism is that your past reviews can either prove you a prophet or an idiot. I initially wiffed on this one, finding little in the first two episodes provided before its original premiere […]

Review: “UnREAL” is the most surprising show of the summer

So first of all, a big middle finger to Lifetime for producing such an entertaining show as “UnREAL”. In an age of Too Much Good TV, there were still several networks I could count on for not making it even harder than it already was to watch all the shows I wanted to consume. Lifetime […]

Review: Season 2 of “Review” solidifies the show’s place in the current pantheon of great TV

Let’s get this clear up front: “Review” was one of my very favorite shows of 2014, and I was OK with never seeing another episode of it again.

Review: Five thoughts about “Ant-Man”

I’m not a movie critic by any stretch of the imagination, but I wanted to jot down a few thoughts about Marvel’s latest movie, “Ant-Man.” Five thoughts, to be precise. 1) First off, it’s a welcome de-escalation of stakes. That doesn’t mean what happens isn’t important, but there’s a localization of the action that is […]

Review: Season 6 of “Community”

I don’t have a “complicated” history with “Community” so much as an erratic one. “Complicated” would imply that I’ve wrestled with the show and its overall meaning and how it fits into my overall world experience. That was never this show for me, although it certainly was for its rabid fan base, including fellow critics. […]

Monday Morning Critic: Two FX comedies

Welcome back to another installment of the Monday Morning Critic. In this space each week, I’ll be looking at the week that was in addition to the week ahead in television. The format will shift each week, as the world of TV will dictate the form and content of each piece. In this week’s installment: […]

“Cougar Town” Review: “Mary Jane’s Last Dance”

I’m drinking a glass of wine as I write this, which feels appropriate. (It’s white wine, however. Don’t tell Ellie.) I haven’t written about “Cougar Town” since its fourth season, the last I covered extensively. I’ve enjoyed the last three seasons in fits and spurts, while also recognizing that comedies are hard to keep fresh […]

5 Questions And 500 Words: “Galavant”

Welcome to another installment of “5 Questions and 500 Words,” my approach to reviewing the crazy amount of shows that will be unspooling/returning over the course of the next few weeks. Given the glut of shows, and the glut of reviews that will be published for these shows, I’m keeping things short and sweet. This […]

“Sleepy Hollow” Review: “Heartless” and season two as a whole

Last year, I put “Sleepy Hollow” on my year-end Best Of 2013 list.  And I stand by it. (Mostly because such arbitrary lists are snapshots in time and therefore immune to retroactive analysis, but still!) It was a bonkers show in the best way, owning up to its own silliness but also giving us two […]

“Wilfred” Review: “Happiness” and the series as a whole

“Wilfred” ended its series run tonight, and television will be a little more boring in its absence. It was never a perfect show, often stuck trying to figure out its overall tone, marrying short-term plots to longer-arcing narratives, and generally spinning its wheels at times as the show entered later seasons. As a viewer, I […]