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The Top 10 Television Shows of 2010: Part 1

It’s that time of year when critics start throwing around Top 10 Lists like rock stars toss around $100 bills at after parties: indiscriminately and while wearing as little as clothing as possible. And now that I’ve disturbed you past the capacity for rational thought, let’s get into my little contribution of this annual rite. […]

‘Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan’ drop another two podcasts for your listening pleasure

Greeting, listeners of the world. Maureen “Mo” Ryan and I are back with two new podcasts, one new guest, and a whole new listening experience. We’re writers, not audiophiles, but hopefully we’ve made a breakthrough this week in terms of overall listening quality for you. In the first one, Myles McNutt, one of our favorite […]

‘Rubicon’: Ya down with API? Yeah, you know I!

I’ve talked about “Rubicon” intermittently since it started here on the blog, although its placement right before “Mad Men” means that my recapping energies are pretty much spent by the time I detail Don Draper’s latest drunken dovetail into the abyss of his soul. But while I haven’t written about “Rubicon” on a weekly basis, […]

Summer TV Catch Up: What I’ve Been Watching

It’s been a lot of “Mad Men” these past few weeks here on the blog, but I’ve been watching plenty of other shows. Some have been part of the great “Catch Up Now That ‘Lost’ Ended and I Actually Have the Time to Watch Them” project: shows such as “The Wire,” “Deadwood,” “Party Down,” “Spartacus: […]

‘Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan’ discuss ‘Mad Men’, ‘Rubicon,’ and more

We’re back with not one but two installments of “Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan.” One is dedicated solely to the last two episodes of “Mad Men,” but the other is a treasure trove of talk about other shows. In the other podcast, Mo Ryan and I talk “The Big C,” “Weeds,” “Rubicon,” “Doctor Who,” […]

‘Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan’: ‘Rubicon’, ‘The Office’, ‘American Idol’, and more!

Sure, plenty of people give you one podcast in a night. But Maureen “Mo” Ryan and I go above and beyond for you, dear listeners. Earlier in the night, we talked about the most recent episode of “Mad Men,” but we’re back for another podcast. In this one, we’re talking the new AMC show “Rubicon,” […]