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Who Moved My TV Character’s Cheese: Why we respond to strongly to vocational competency on television

Last night’s “Saturday Night Live” parody of “Scandal” was simultaneously funny and instructive. As a fan of both shows, I had reservations when the sketch started: recent “SNL” parodies of programs such as “The Walking Dead” and “Homeland” have missed core aspects of the show so badly that the mockery didn’t land at all. But […]

Ryan Rates Fall TV, Part 2: Wednesday – Saturday

Yesterday, I started my two-part coverage of shows I watch on a weekly basis but rarely write about with any regularity. We left off on Tuesday, so let’s cover the rest of the week  now.

“Saturday Night Live” Recap: Tina Fey and Arcade Fire

I’m back this season for HitFix cover each episode. Enjoy my first full recap of the show!

“Saturday Night Live” Recap: Read AND hear how Christina Applegate did

As always, I wrote about this week’s “SNL” as well as recorded a podcast about it. Read my recap here. Listen to this week’s podcast wtih HuffPo’s Mike Ryan here. Enjoy!

“Saturday Night Live” Recap: Read AND hear how Seth MacFarlane did

As per usual, I recapped last night’s “Saturday Night Live” premiere for HitFix. You can read my take over on their “Monkeys as Critics” blog. But I have also decided simply writing about it isn’t enough, so HuffPo’s Mike Ryan and I teamed up to do a weekly podcast about that week’s episode. You can […]

“Saturday Night Live”: Alec Baldwin and Radiohead

As I did last year, I’ll be covering “Saturday Night Live” all season for HitFix. What did I think of the show’s 37th season premiere? Read my full recap and find out!

What is the Boob Tube Dude covering this Fall?

It hasn’t exactly been quiet for yours truly this summer, but it’s been relatively manageable compared to my normal schedule. Well, that’s all about to change in a few weeks, when the Fall TV schedule kicks into high gear, along with my reviews of those shows. So what will I be covering? First of all, […]

‘Saturday Night Live’ Recap: Amy Poehler and Katy Perry

Should have been a lot better. Could have been a lot worse. I know. So specific. Check out my FULL breakdown over at Hitfix!

“Hulu” Hoopla

Not sure how many of you have checked it out, but by all means, check out Hulu, the new YouTube-esque app created by Universal. It’s a pretty sexy interface, I must say, although it’s Flash-based, which means it’s hard to embed things here without it making WordPress go absolutely haywire. At least I can link […]