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Review: Scandal, “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”

All hail Shonda Rhimes. “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” is not just the best season three episode of “Scandal,” but a necessary reaffirmation of what makes the show so great when everything’s working at peak efficiency. If that weren’t enough, it also managed to solve the show’s central problem, pointing towards a potentially even better future […]

Who Moved My TV Character’s Cheese: Why we respond to strongly to vocational competency on television

Last night’s “Saturday Night Live” parody of “Scandal” was simultaneously funny and instructive. As a fan of both shows, I had reservations when the sketch started: recent “SNL” parodies of programs such as “The Walking Dead” and “Homeland” have missed core aspects of the show so badly that the mockery didn’t land at all. But […]

What “Sharknado” and “Scandal” teach us about the future of television

It’s been three days since SyFy first aired “Sharkado,” yet those seventy-two hours feel more like seventy-two days in terms of pop culture applicability. What was for a brief time the only thing one could tweet about has already turned into something of an artifact, with a combination of competing interests and newsworthy items filling […]

Cast members talk about being “word perfect” in the imperfect (but impossibly entertaining) world of “Scandal”

“Scandal” has only been off the air for a few weeks, but it undoubtedly feels like much longer for its die-hard fans. The second season pushed the show from one with interesting promise to one that pound for pound was one of the strongest hourlongs on any network, broadcast or cable. Pulpy, propulsive, and undeniably […]

“Scandal” Review: “Nobody Likes Babies”

There’s something to be said about a show that absolutely knows what it is, yet consistently surprises itself along the way. There’s something to be said about a show that doesn’t just settle for being a soap opera, but barrels headlong into the world of opera itself. There’s something to be said about a show […]

“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan”: A double dose of audio awesome

Mo Ryan and I are back, with two full podcasts. Yes, again. Yes, we’re a little crazy. The first covers this week’s “Mad Men” and “Game of Thrones.” With us to break things down? The one and only Tom Fitzgerald, co-author of the amazing Tom& If you’re not reading them already…just don’t tell us. No […]