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“Sleepy Hollow” Review: “Heartless” and season two as a whole

Last year, I put “Sleepy Hollow” on my year-end Best Of 2013 list.  And I stand by it. (Mostly because such arbitrary lists are snapshots in time and therefore immune to retroactive analysis, but still!) It was a bonkers show in the best way, owning up to its own silliness but also giving us two […]

Ryan Rates Fall TV, Part 1: Sunday – Tuesday

It’s been a busy Fall, and I’ve all but stopped doing weekly episodic reviews for reasons laid out here. But with a lot of shows starting to wrap up their Fall runs, I thought I’d offer up some short takes on the shows I watch on a weekly basis. I almost thought about breaking down […]

On “Sleepy Hollow”, episodic analysis, and the benefits of being fun

“Sleepy Hollow” is just damn fun. Damn, damn fun. That’s a semi-horrible piece of criticism, but criticism isn’t what I’m attempting here. Rather, it’s a celebration of a show that has no business being as good as it is, even if I’m still not quite sure if it’s actually good at this point. The past […]

5 Questions And 500 Words: “Sleepy Hollow”

Welcome to “5 Questions and 500 Words,” my approach this year to reviewing the sundry pilots that will be unspooling over the course of the next few weeks. Given the glut of shows, and the glut of reviews that will be published for these shows, I’m keeping things short and sweet. This is for your […]