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“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan” talk season finales and 2011 upfronts

Mo Ryan and I are back, this time with a double dose of podcast goodness. In the first, we look at the finales of “Smallville,” “The Good Wife,” “How I Met Your Mother,” and “Chuck.” In the second, we break down the highlights of this week’s television upfronts in NYC. Almost 90 minutes of audio […]

The burdens of audience expectations and economic realities in “Smallville” and “Game of Thrones”

I come not to bury “Smallville,” but lightly praise it. Kinda. Having a ten-year run of anything these days is impressive, with the 21st-century littered with far more first season flame-outs than anything approaching the longevity of this show. It hasn’t been in my Must See rotation since Season 5, and even by then I […]

State of the Show: Heroes, Smallville, and Chuck, Oh My!

 Well, fellow television geeks, we’re heading into that glorious time of the television schedule: Fall sweeps! Sure, given the fragmented nature of television viewing, this period means a little less that it used to, but nonetheless shows strive to pull out all the stops in order to maximize their most important asset: creativity. And by […]

“Smallville” Recap: Episode 7.8

So, I take it more than a few of you were upset with last week’s recap. And that’s fine, that’s your right, and if I’m going to put my words and thoughts out on Al Gore’s internet, I can take the lumps that come with it. I would beg to differ, however, with several assertions […]

“Smallville” Recap: Episode 7.7

Well, if you’re like me, right around the time Clark and Lana started having Super Seismic Sex, you reached into the liquor cabinet and braced for a subpar episode of Smallville. And while the show recovered from that mind-searing introduction, it was a Lana-centric episode, which is kinda all you need to know about this […]

“Smallville” Recap: Episode 7.6

“We can rebuild her. We have the Kryptonian technology.” Well, that’s not exactly what Clark said at the end of tonight’s episode, “Lara,” but it’s close. The episode, named after Clark’s birth mother, shed a bit of light on the past, but didn’t do a lot to illuminate the present. Taking a break from the […]

“Smallville” Recap: Episode 7.5

Ok, that’s how you do an episode of Smallville, people. When I first saw the movie set on the Kent Farm, I worried we were in for Miss Sweet Corn Pageant 2: Electric Boogaloo. Instead, we were treated to a fairly interesting debate (Must a superhero exist in isolation?), some excellent mythological beats, and the […]

“Smallville” Recap: Episode 7.4

OK, so we’re all just going to forget “Fierce” happened, right? There was never a Miss Sweet Corn Pageant and there were never any Weather Girls and Lois never got an assignment to stop the genocide in Darfur or whatever ridiculous assignment she got. Never, ever happened. Just a bad dream, my pretties. So let’s […]

“Smallville” Recap: Episode 7.3

A lot of you took issue with what you felt was an unfair character assassination of Lois Lane in last week’s recap. You felt I was being overly harsh and guilty of letting my feelings for the character of Chloe Sullivan cloud my judgment. I won’t try and convince you otherwise: we’re all allowed to […]

“Smallville” Recap: Episode 7.2

Just want to start this week’s recap by thanking everyone for correcting me in last week’s recap: I didn’t realize Martian Manhunter, not Supergirl, flew Bizarro off the planet, and I mistook Lionel’s mystery abductor for her as well. I try to be both fast and accurate in this recaps, and I messed up a […]