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Ryan Rates Fall TV, Part 2: Wednesday - Saturday

Yesterday, I started my two-part coverage of shows I watch on a weekly basis but rarely write about with any regularity. We left off on Tuesday, so let’s cover the rest of the week  now.

“South Park” Review: “Insecurity”

Every other week, I review “South Park” for The A.V. Club.
Here’s this week’s review! Read it with Bane’s voice in your head.

“South Park” Review: “Sarcastaball”

I’m back on bi-weekly “South Park” review duty over at The A.V. Club.
Check out my review of tonight’s premiere!

“South Park” Review: “Reverse Cowgirl”

I’ve just set myself up for a lot of weird Google searches, but hey, that’s the title of the episode.
Read my full review of the premiere over at The A.V. Club.

Reviews for 11/2: “Suburgatory” and “South Park”

You know the drill by now, yes?
Suburgatory: Charity Case
South Park: 1%

Reviews for 10/26: “Suburgatory” and “South Park”

Two shows enter. ONLY ONE SHALL LEAVE.
Actually, that’s not true. They both leave. But not without me reviewing them. Luckily, both were great tonight.
Suburgatory: “Halloween”
South Park: “Broadway Bro Down”

Reviews for 10/19: “Suburgatory” and “South Park”

You know the drill by now, yes?
My reviews for both “Suburgatory” and “South Park” are live over at The A.V. Club. Enjoy!

Reviews for 10/12: “Suburgatory” and “South Park”

You know the drill. Two shows. One night. One me.
Suburgatory: “The Chatterer”
South Park: “The Last of the Meheecans”

Reviews: “Suburgatory” and “South Park”

Each Wednesday for the forseeable future, I’ll be reviewing both shows for The A.V. Club. Here are links to this week’s reviews.
Suburgatory: The Barbeque
South Park: Ass Burgers