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State of the Show: Heroes, Smallville, and Chuck, Oh My!

¬†Well, fellow television geeks, we’re heading into that glorious time of the television schedule: Fall sweeps! Sure, given the fragmented nature of television viewing, this period means a little less that it used to, but nonetheless shows strive to pull out all the stops in order to maximize their most important asset: creativity. And by […]

State of the Show: “Heroes” 10/13/08

OK, didn’t recap Heroes last week, so here’s the State of the Show as of tonight: I’ve come to the conclusion that looking for anything other than escapist fun is fruitless. Season 1 featured some incredible character work, but all that has ceded to the particular Volume in which the show deals. Historical precedents are […]

State of the Show: “Chuck” Volume 1

Gonna try and start a new feature on the BTD: “State of the Show.” It’s an attempt to try and look and certain shows on a periodic basis rather than try and pump out recaps after every episode. If I had infinite time and energy, well, I’d recap everything, but with a full-time job and […]