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“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan”: Attack of the Zombiesaurs

Mo Ryan and I are back, although my microphone decided to take the week off, apparently. Don’t worry: it still sounds fine. I just sound more “on the bottom of a well” than Mo does this time around. Time Stamps: Quick TV Hits: 0:00 – 13:03 “I Hate My Teenage Daugher”: 13:03 – 20:12 “Terra […]

“Terra Nova” Review: “The Runaway”

I started writing a review. I ended up creating a drinking game. Find out how over at HitFix.

Reviews: “Terra Nova” and “The Rosie Show”

Another night, another double review duty. My brain…it’s so sleepy. So quick links for your reading enjoyment… “Terra Nova”: “What Remains” “The Rosie Show”: “Premiere”

“Terra Nova” Review: “Instinct”

Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh. Boy.

“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan”: Luther, Homeland, The League, Terra Nova, Breaking Bad

The title says it all, people.Mo Ryan and I are back with a 70-minute installment. We look ahead to three premieres, and look back at this week’s episodes of dinosaurs and meth dealers. Good times. Time codes: Luther: 0:00 – 11:22 Homeland: 11:22 – 26:42 The League: 26:42 – 33:42 Terra Nova: 33:42 – 49:42 […]

“Terra Nova” Review: “Genesis”

I’ll be covering the new FOX sci-fi drama “Terra Nova” each week for HitFix. What did I think of the premiere? Read my full take!

What is the Boob Tube Dude covering this Fall?

It hasn’t exactly been quiet for yours truly this summer, but it’s been relatively manageable compared to my normal schedule. Well, that’s all about to change in a few weeks, when the Fall TV schedule kicks into high gear, along with my reviews of those shows. So what will I be covering? First of all, […]