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Why shows that break your heart are the most important ones to watch

If you watch enough TV, then it will inevitably break your heart. Maybe a show you love will kill off a character, or maybe it will go completely off the rails and lose any of the charm you once found in it. Or, as in the potential case of a show like “Enlisted,” not enough […]

“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan” talks with “The Chicago Code” creator Shawn Ryan

Mo Ryan and I are back, this time with returning guest Shawn Ryan. Days after his show “The Chicago Code” was canceled by FOX, Shawn talks about that show’s fate, lessons learned over his past year in television, and gives a glimpse into his immediate TV future. It’s a must listen not only for fans […]

The Top 10 Television Shows of 2010: Part 3

We’re finally here, boys and girls: the moment at least seven of you have been waiting for. It’s my Top 5 shows of 2010! Earlier in the week I outlined my Incompletes/Near Misses, then dropped Number 10 through 6 on you soon after. But today? It’s The Final Countdown. But we’re not leaving for Venus, […]

‘Terriers’: How ‘Pimp Daddy’ flipped the script

As has been the case all year, “Terriers” is the best show that you’re not watching. I know you’re not watching because I’ve check out the recent ratings and it appears that basically NO ONE is watching. So I feel fairly confident in my assumption. Now, obviously, if you’re reading a site like this, you […]

Exclusive: ‘Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan’ welcomes Shawn Ryan to discuss ‘Terriers’, ‘Ride Along’, and ‘Five Things That Showrunners Hate’

In addition to our weekly “Mad Men”-centric podcast, Maureen “Mo” Ryan and I had the distinct pleasure and honor to talk to Shawn Ryan, whose television credits include the seminal drama “The Shield” in addition to credits on “The Unit,” “Lie to Me,” “Terriers,” and the upcoming Chicago-based cop drama “Ride Along.” Mo and I […]

‘Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan’ drop two more podcasts for your listening pleasure

Maureen “Mo” Ryan and I are back, this time with another guest for our weekly “Mad Men” podcast. We had the pleasure of having Tom Fitzgerald, one-half of the dynamic blogging duo over at Tom joined us a few months ago over at “Orientation: Ryan Station,” and we were thrilled to have him back […]

‘Terriers’: One of the Fall season’s best bets

You’ve seen crime shows. You’ve seen buddy shows. But you’ve never quite seen anything like “Terriers” (premiering on FX September 8th, 10 pm). The brainchild of “Ocean’s 11” scribe Ted Griffin with “The Shield” showrunner Shawn Ryan alongside as co-executive producer, “Terriers” shows a shaggier, seedier side of private investigation with a healthy dose of […]