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“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan” talks with “The Chicago Code” creator Shawn Ryan

Mo Ryan and I are back, this time with returning guest Shawn Ryan. Days after his show “The Chicago Code” was canceled by FOX, Shawn talks about that show’s fate, lessons learned over his past year in television, and gives a glimpse into his immediate TV future. It’s a must listen not only for fans […]

Reviews: “Chuck” and “The Chicago Code”

I pulled double-duty over at The A.V. Club tonight, doing my usual review of “Chuck” while also reviewing “The Chicago Code” as part of the “Second Opinions” series. Luckily, while I worked all night to do both, each episode was quite excellent, making work that much more pleasurable. You can read my “Chuck” review here, […]

Checking in on…”The Chicago Code”

(Another in a series in which I occasionally check in on series that I watch but don’t regularly write about…) Applying a singular set of rules for watching a television show is a fool’s proposition, but plenty of people do it all the time anyways. What works for Show X MUST work for Show Y, […]