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Review Overload: ‘Chuck’ and ‘The Event’

As always, I reviewed “Chuck” and “The Event” for AOL’s TV Squad last night, with the Timothy Dalton action pleasing on the former and the usual suspects frustrating in the latter. Make sure to read my full takes here!

Review-a-palooza: ‘Chuck’ and ‘The Event’

As always, I reviewed “Chuck” and “The Event” for AOL’s TV Squad last night. REALLY strong “Chuck,” and a REALLY “meh” “The Event.” Make sure to read my full takes here!

“Chuck” and “The Event” Recaps

Sorry to be AWOL here lately in updating my reviews in other places. Life has a funny way of getting in the way, especially when juggling two jobs and a host of other personal matters. Nevertheless, here are my reviews of last night’s “Chuck” and “The Event.” Stay tuned tonight for my review of the “Rock Horror”-themed “Glee!” […]

Last Night’s Recaps

As always, you can find reviews of last night’s episodes of “Chuck,” “The Event,” and “Hawaii Five-0” over at AOL’s TV Squad. To find them all, check out my personal page over there. Which episodes struck your fancy? Leave your thoughts below!

‘Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan’ Triple Play (Including an exclusive chat with “Cougar Town” creator Bill Lawrence)

A quick note: you can read all my Monday recaps for “Chuck,” “The Event,” and “Hawaii Five-0” by checking out my personal page over at AOL’s TV Squad. That’s a handy one to bookmark. And you can check out my recap of tonight’s “Glee” over at HitFix. But I’m not here to talk about those […]

The Week Thus Far

Sorry I’ve been slack in updates here. Real world stuff interfered (needless to say, it rhymes with “morporate braining”) so doing anything more than paid assignments has been impossible. Hopefully, you managed to find them anyways, but if not, here are the four recaps I did over the past 48 hours. Chuck, Episode 4.2 The […]

Recap Central for 9/20/10: ‘Chuck,’ ‘The Event,’ and ‘Hawaii Five-0’

Whew. That was a long night of writing, people. So long that I’m not sure I have much left in me at this point. But I wanted to let you know where you can read my recaps of last night’s shows. Below, find links for my three articles from last night over at AOL’s TV […]

My Writing Schedule for Fall 2010

For months, the masses have cried out, “Tell us, Ryan: where will you be writing this Fall?” And by “masses” I mean “my mom,” who doesn’t even really know about this blog. So announcing it here might be kinda pointless. On the other hand, it gets me out of a phone call. So you take […]