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Four Things Every Television Review Should Accomplish

Last week, I posted a piece in which I called for a new kind of television criticism. In truth, it’s not especially new so much as a return to the old. In short, it called for a type of criticism based not on the weekly recap/review model that currently dominates the industry but rather one […]

Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Future of Television Criticism

Television criticism needs a punk rock movement. Normally, I’m an expert in burying my own lede. But since what follows will concern a radical rethinking of the way that criticism is currently performed online, I figured I would practice what I preach. I’ve been coming at this thesis for some time now, and while I’m […]

“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan”: Mo’ Myles, No Problems Edition

Mo Ryan is on vacation for a few weeks. But never fear: podcast favorite Myles McNutt stopped by to talk with me about several of the summer’s hottest TV topics, including one that may surprise some of you. The schedule goes as follows: Intro/”Louie”: 0:00 – 11:56 “Weeds”/”Entourage”: 11:56 – 27:58 The current state of […]

“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan”: The state of TV criticism

Mo Ryan and I were thrilled to be joined by two of our favorite TV critics, Noel Murray and Myles McNutt, in this hour-plus look at the state of TV criticism. We look at the pros/cons of weekly episode reviews, the nature of the relationship between author/reader, and suggest ways in which the genre can […]