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2010 MTV Video Music Awards: Live Blog

Hey boys and girls,
In years past, I’ve done a live blog for the MTV Video Music Awards. (Here’s my 2008 edition. I think I skipped 2009 because I was covering “Mad Men” over at HitFix, or was suffering from a horrible case of the “I don’t give a craps.” It’s unclear. My mind is hazy.)
Mostly […]

2008 MTV Video Music Awards: Liveblogging

Starting at 8 pm EST tonight…check in early and often!
7:45 pm: Welcome all to my annual live blogging of the Video Music Awards. And, as per usual, here’s my up front disclaimer: I don’t pretend to have invented the concept of these live blogs, as I first got the idea from Bill Simmons, aka The […]

2008 Video Music Awards: Live Blogging

Stay tuned this Sunday, as I’ll be doing my annual live-blogging of the MTV Video Music Awards. Vegas has the over/under at 5 for “number of acts and/or songs I’ve actually heard of before the ceremony airs”.
Should be fun.
If you want to see how it went down last year, be my guest.