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Walter White and Nancy Botwin: #OccupyYourTV

I was literally on the road last week when Showtime sent out its press release announcing the upcoming 8th season of “Weeds.” But I wanted to talk about it all the same, as tardy to the party as I might be. That announcement came at a point in which a few disparate things were rolling […]

“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan”: Mo’ Myles, No Problems Edition

Mo Ryan is on vacation for a few weeks. But never fear: podcast favorite Myles McNutt stopped by to talk with me about several of the summer’s hottest TV topics, including one that may surprise some of you. The schedule goes as follows: Intro/”Louie”: 0:00 – 11:56 “Weeds”/”Entourage”: 11:56 – 27:58 The current state of […]

“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan” celebrate TV and birthdays

Mo Ryan and I are back, this time on Mo’s birthday! We had a jam-packed ep, with talk about 3 debuting shows, reaction to an unfortunate trend in online TV conversation, and a special birthday question from me to Mo. Time stamps… Podcast #1 “Necessary Roughness”: 0:00 -17:17 “Weeds”: 31:18 – 26:55 “The Big C”: […]

The Top 10 Television Shows of 2010: Part 2

Yesterday, I started listing my Top 10 of 2010. Only, the thing is, I never actually got to the Top 10 itself. That’s the blogging equivalent of “Lost” calling its penultimate episode “What They Died For” without actually explaining what they died for in that hour. But hey, I love me some “Lost,” and if […]

‘Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan’ discuss ‘Mad Men’, ‘Rubicon,’ and more

We’re back with not one but two installments of “Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan.” One is dedicated solely to the last two episodes of “Mad Men,” but the other is a treasure trove of talk about other shows. In the other podcast, Mo Ryan and I talk “The Big C,” “Weeds,” “Rubicon,” “Doctor Who,” […]

Things I Missed Thanks to Comcast’s Insane Pricing: July Edition

You’d think The Boob Tube Dude has every station available to mankind. But alas, you’d be mistaken. He can only afford HBO atop his normal cable programming, since when you factor in two DVRs and high-speed internet, he pays roughly the GNP of Ghana on a monthly basis to the Cable Powers that Be. So […]