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“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan”: The Revenge of The Poniewozik

Mo Ryan and I are back with a super-sized podcast. Along for the ride? Time Magazine’s television critic James Poniewozik, back again to talk “Mad Men” and “Game of Thrones.” After that hour-long discussion, Mo and I decided to nerd out and talk all things “Avengers”-related, including the future of Joss Whedon on TV. Mad […]

“Dollhouse” Recap: Episode 1.8

It was the great philosopher Descartes that once said, “Tell me whatcha want, whatcha really really want.” Least, I think it was him. Maybe I’m screwing that up. In any case, tonight’s episode of “Dollhouse” centered around desire; namely, those yearnings that were causing recurring glitches in several of the dolls. Rather than repress those […]

“Dollhouse” Recap: Episode 1.7

For everyone out there complaining that “Dollhouse” doesn’t bring the funny the way Whedon shows of old did, this one was for you. This was its “Band Candy.” This was its “Spin the Bottle.” This was the episode in which everyone was allowed to act supremely silly while under the effects of something inherently diabolical. […]

“Dollhouse” Recap: Episode 1.6

And there, folks, was the first truly great episode of “Dollhouse.” No doubt about it. The kind of episode we’ve wanted all along, often in ways we couldn’t have possibly predicted. More than anything, above the dense mythology, overt active abuse, and new revelations, the episode set to ask a very simple question: what if […]

“Dollhouse” Recap: Episode 1.1

OK, Joss Whedon fans, your months of waiting finally end tonight with the arrival of Dollhouse, the latest, though certainly not greatest, of his television creations. In fact, had you not known he was actively involved in this show, you’d be forgiven for not even recognizing his involvement by hour’s end. Was it a bad […]

Top 5 Sci-Fi Conspiracies

 The introduction of Fringe into the television landscape brings to the forefront one of the my favorite tropes: the conspiracy! That’s right, that age-old, Rockwell-esque sensation that just below the surface of everyday life lurks something vast and sinister. In Fringe, it’s something called “The Pattern,” started in the 1970s in a Harvard laboratory and […]

The Best Show on TV All Summer…

…isn’t even on TV. It’s only on the web. And it’s not just amazing. It’s horrible. Dr. Horrible, that is. Witness its glory while it’s still free. Then buy it on iTunes. Then just start randomly mailing Joss Whedon $2.75 checks every week until Arbor Day. It’s that good. Don’t believe me? Check it out.

Summah-Time TV

The five of you who read on a regular basis might have noticed I skipped the recap for the last episode of Battlestar: Galactica. And I didn’t so much skip it as simply not do it. Give my responsibilities over at Zap2It, I write here primarily when I have passion about something, since there’s only […]

“Buffy The Vampire Slayer” Top Ten List: A Preview

In case you’re curious which episodes have made the cut, here they are in no particular order. In addition, not all of these will make the eventual list, but were up for consideration at one point or another. Just know that clicking on any of these links will lead to spoiler material, so if you’ve […]

You’ll Be Tiding

The plan of attack between now and the New Year: 1) The Lost blog will be going strong. The next mobisode features Walt in Room 23. Color me excited. Like, nipplingly excited. 2) The “Top Ten Buffy Episodes Ever” Retrospective. That could run anywhere between one and ten separate entries. Now that I’ve typed it […]