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“Wilfred” Review: “Happiness” and the series as a whole

“Wilfred” ended its series run tonight, and television will be a little more boring in its absence. It was never a perfect show, often stuck trying to figure out its overall tone, marrying short-term plots to longer-arcing narratives, and generally spinning its wheels at times as the show entered later seasons. As a viewer, I […]

Why the questions “Wilfred” asks are more important than its lack of answers

“Wilfred” isn’t the type of show that’s for everyone. I understand why many can’t lock into the rhythms and perspectives of a show based around existential crises, unreliable narrators, and a man in a dog suit. I get all of that. And yet, “Wilfred” holds a special place in the television landscape, a space in […]

“Wilfred” Season 2 Review: Darkness, take my hand

I understand why so many people are averse to watching FX’s “Wilfred,” which premieres tonight as a “special preview episode” even though it’s pretty much essentially viewing in terms of the program’s overall narrative. This special episode works as a standalone, but works far better as a bridge between the truly odd cliffhanger that ended […]

“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan” come atcha with a double dose of audio awesome

Mo Ryan and I are back, with not one but TWO podcasts. In the first, we talk the season finales “The Killing” and “Game of Thrones”with Tom Fitzgerald of one of our favorite websites, IN the second, Mo and I discuss two upcoming FX comedies, “Louie” and “Wilfred.” Time stamps… Podcast #1 “The Killing”: […]