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Review: You’re The Worst, “LCD Soundsystem”

Well, someone’s certainly watched “Juno.” That was my immediate thought during the big “twist” of tonight’s episode of “You’re The Worst,” although I put twist in quotes as I’m fairly certain Stephen Falk’s script and direction wanted us to see what Gretchen could not, turning this episode into another ii-tragedy for what is now unquestionably […]

Review: “You’re The Worst”, Season 2, Episode 8: “Spooky Sunday Funday”

On some level, tonight’s episode of “You’re The Worst” played out exactly as you thought it might once you saw the title “Spooky Sunday Funday.” This was a way for the show to revisit one of its season one highlights but put it through the prism of both Halloween and, far more importantly, last week’s […]