My Other Stuff

I haven’t always blogged about television. Shocking, I know. Had I a computer as a toddler, and had Al Gore yet invented the Internet, I am sure I would have done daily recaps of “The Electric Company”, once I’d conquered that whole “literacy” thing. And maybe that “relieving myself in my diaper” thing.

Point is, I’ve a long and storied history on Ted Stevens’ series of tubes. Here are two of my earliest attempts at blogging.

In addition, I’ve collected three sets of essays for your easily downloadable pleasure.

If you’re as big as “Lost” fan as me, be sure to check out my old blog about that show, which features reviews and theories about the show’s run. And in case you’re wondering, no, I didn’t see a lot of the sun last year…thanks for asking. If you are wondering if it’s worth reading and listening to all that “Lost” goodness, just ask Jeff Jensen of Entertainment Weekly what he thinks.  “Ryan McGee is one of my fave Lost analysts,” he said. Well, alrighty then. Case closed.

When not posting reviews, recaps, and podcasts here, I can also be found reviewing shows for the websites HitFix and TV Squad, excellent sources for all things television-related. It’s like this site, but without the word “boob” anywhere. So far.