“Wilfred” Review: “Happiness” and the series as a whole

“Wilfred” ended its series run tonight, and television will be a little more boring in its absence.

It was never a perfect show, often stuck trying to figure out its overall tone, marrying short-term plots to longer-arcing narratives, and generally spinning its wheels at times as the show entered later seasons. As a viewer, I came and went, missing large chunks of the second and third seasons with little to no adverse effect. In a strange way, that turned out to be a strength rather than a weakness. Because even though tonight’s series finale answered what the titular character was, it purposely left his meaning as clouded as ever. Which is perfect.

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A “New Universe” for comic book TV

It’s no secret that comic books are all the rage in both television and cinema, with “Guardians Of The Galaxy” just the latest example of the seemingly unlimited appetite for characters leaping off the page and onto the screen. Marvel and DC are in a race to get the most content and the most eyeballs right now, and while there are plenty of popular choices already rumored, many of those characters that are beloved and will cost a pretty penny to produce. But for those looking to cash in on the comic frenzy on the cheap using characters even less known than Groot was a few months ago, gaze upon The New Universe.

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“24: Live Another Day”: Finale and season review

Playing the “What If?” game is dangerous, since you can basically make any point you want within the world of hypotheticals, and if you’re skilled enough. So asking “What if ‘24’ had its run during today’s TV landscape?” is both a fascinating question and a completely ridiculous one at the same time. Alan Sepinwall put “24” in his recent book “The Revolution Was Televised” for a reason, and that’s because the show was as vital to the modern-day landscape of television (in its own way) as “The Sopranos”, “The Shield,” and other groundbreaking shows.

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The “Community” Renewal, or, Introduction To Starting Over

The renewal of “Community” means everything. And the renewal of “Community” means nothing.

Both statements are polar opposites of one another, yet utterly true at the same time. Instead of a cat inside Schrödinger’s box, Dan Harmon is under there, probably thinking, “Holy shit, I actually have to do this now, don’t I?”

Both are true, of course, depending on your personal perspective. As news swept through Twitter, there wasn’t an indifferent response to be found. Everything was either THIS IS THE BETTER EVER or HAHA OH INTERWEBS or WHY NOT TROPHY WIFE YOU BASTARDS. This makes sense, not just because Twitter is where subtlety goes to die one subtweet at a time, but also because “Community” has always been one of the more polarizing shows on television. Long before programs like “Girls” and “True Detective” hoped to make people issue blanket Big Think Pieces on a daily basis, “Community” challenged and divided viewers, especially in the online world.

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“Enlisted” Review: “Alive Day”

I have this theory about “Enlisted” and why no one watched it through its brief run on FOX. It has nothing to do with the terrible time slot and the out-of-order airings. It has everything to do with the show more than occasionally presenting things most people don’t want to admit exists. It’s not just the fact that the United States has countless men and women in harm’s away all around the world while we have the luxury of bitching about the lack of cellphone service in elevators. It’s also the fact that most of us live haunted by fears of inadequacy, guilt, and the sneaking suspicious everyone else has figured things out while we wallow in unsure silence. And perhaps, just perhaps, that’s too much for most to take.

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Even if you don’t watch “Enlisted”, you’re not ready for it to be over

You’re going to miss “Enlisted” when it’s gone.

Make no mistake: I’m not talking to those that will tune in to the season one finale this Sunday. I’m talking to those that will stumble across this at some point in the near future on some streaming service by accident, decide to take a chance because hey, you’ve watched everything else, and then scream four hours later after consuming all thirteen episodes to no one in particular, “WHY DID NO ONE EVER TELL ME ABOUT THIS SHOW?”

That’s who I’m talking to right now. Not those that have already read everything I’ve written about the show.  Those in the future who are really mad there’s no more Hill brothers, no more Perez, no more Cody, no more Rear D. You.

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“24: Live Another Day” Review: “Day 9: 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.”

One of the more interesting Twitter trends lately is the tendency for those who have the privilege of seeing episodes early to warn people to watch certain episodes live as they originally air. It’s a double-edged sword: It helps ensure that people in this DVR culture watch particular episodes in as real-time as possible to prevent possible spoilers, but it also all but says, “SHIT’S GETTING REAL BY WHICH WE MEAN SOMEONE’S GOING TO DIE”. It need not always mean that, but game-changing events can be diluted by any pre-delivered information, even in coded form. We can argue (and many have) about the true nature of “spoilers” and how they can affect the enjoyment of a certain show. But these tweets can certainly not be ignored, no matter what the individual tolerance for any insight before the airing of an episode may be.

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“Enlisted” Review: “Army Men”

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Dispatches From The ATX Television Festival, Volume One: A high level look at the week that was

It’s less than 24 hours after returning from Austin, Texas for the third annual ATX Television Festival. And while I’m still dead tired from the experience, I wanted to write up a few thoughts about it while memories are still fresh. I’ll have a lot more content coming from this festival in the upcoming days and weeks, especially in relation to the panels I moderated, but I wanted to get some quick Q&A in while the proverbial iron was hot.
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Bill Lawrence on “Undateable,” rewarding fans, and the future of televised content

Even for an usually brutal winter, it’s a damn cold night in Boston as Bill Lawrence and the core cast of the upcoming NBC comedy “Undateable” roll into Boston this past March. Already unbearably cold for local denizens, the temperature seems to stun the Los Angeles natives that embarked on a multi-city comedy tour in order to promote a show that at the time didn’t even have an official premiere date. Not only does Lawrence serve as producer on the show, but he also is serving as emcee for the evening’s event on this, the second night of the tour. It’s also Lawrence’s second time on stage in nearly twenty years.

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